Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Team Philosophy

Fun 2B Fit’s competitive team consists of levels 3-10 in compulsory and Bronze-Platinum in Excel / AAU. These gynmasts train 9-25 hours per week and compete several times per year. Our coaches will help them go as far in gymnastics as their ability will take them. By being able to perform the skills and routines required by USAG at any level, your child will be placed by their ability. The safety and confidence in performing these skills consistently will be the basis for competing.

Advancing up to the next level is decided by coaches based upon the following:

- Scores from the competitive season
- Skill achievement for next level
- Attitude of the gymnasts
- Maturity and Commitment for next level

Even though gymnasts whose scores qualify them to move up to the next leve, they are NOT REQUIRED to do so. The decision will be made in the best interest of the child.

Gymnast’s Requirements and Guidelines

Making the decision to join the Fun 2B Fit Gymnastics Team program is a commitment to the team for one year. You are either on the team or off the team. You do not move on or off throughout the year based on illness, injury, or conflict. We are here to work with you through it all! The following guidelines all team members are expected to abide by:

1. All gymnasts are required to attend all regularly scheduled workouts. This means to be on time, dressed and on the floor ready to practice. If for any reason you will be late or absent, you are required to contact the office to notify your coaches.

2. Proper workout attire is required. This means a properly fitted leotard must be worn at all times. Tight fitting shorts are allowed. No shirts. No jewelry other than small stud earrings. Proper and appropriate hygiene is recommended.

3. Give us your best. This is all we ask. Be the best you can be in and out of the gym. Attitude is everything. Be a team player and respect your coaches, teammates, and the gym.

4. Gymnasts may not leave workout or competition without permission of the coach. We must know where you are at all times.

5. No food or drinks in the gym. You will be given a dinner break. This means food, NOT SNACKS! It is important to replace the proper nutrients the body needs as well as help control blood sugar levels.

6. Listen to your body. When you are tired or need to slow down, tell your coach. It is OK to rest! If you are sick, taking any kind of medication, or have any type of injury, the coach MUST BE INFORMED!!! Pain is no joke and is to be taken very seriously.

7. RESPECT. Misconduct in the gym is NOT tolerated. Pay attention and listen to your coaches so we maintain a safe practice for everyone. Any problems with this will result in a gymnast being sent home or suspended.

8. TRUST. Trusting your coaches will help you face your fears. Gymnastics is a dangerous and difficult sport. Your coaches are there to train and keep you safe. They will walk you through your skills, spotting you all the way helping you overcome those fears!!!

9. LEADERSHIP is so important. Being a team member is an honor. You represent this gym. Younger gymnasts look up to you.

10. NO TEAM MEMBER IS ALLOWED TO USE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS!!! Smoking is not allowed. This is grounds for immediate removal from the team and the gym.

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